Second sail with almost no wind…

One of my friends, Peter, has been asking to sail for months, nay, years and it has never worked out. So on Friday, when we were at a meeting together I said 'How about Monday?' and so yesterday we went out for a sail in Liza.

The track in green shows where we went. There was almost no wind. We sailed, but barely. But it was great to be out on the water again.

Helen, my new 10-year-old crew member, learned some new knots (well, hitch actually, but we'll call it a knot) and how helming a sailing boat with almost no wind is really not that easy to keep the sails full of the non-existent wind!

Sailing with Melvin, Asa and Kate

Wind? Hmmm... no. Other sailing friends suggested it wasn't worth going out yesterday with Melvin, Asa and Kate.

I guess it's as much an excuse for sunbathing and having a meal together on the water as anything else. Kate had sailed Toppers and other small boats and found that yacht sailing is the same, just bigger! I remember the first time I went from dinghy to yacht I was almost frightened by the size of the sails… and Liza isn't a big yacht by any stretch of the imagination. And with a very big rudder, she is light and handles almost like a big dinghy.

Sailing with Claire and Elliott

This was a very gentle 8 mile sail up the coast this morning. To start with there was almost no wind at all, so we slightly more than drifted up the coast. I was thinking about trying to get to the Dhekelia Sailing Club to see what they were doing, but we didn't get quite there!

The bolt that allows you to fix the speed of the ouboard had broken on the last sail -- the plastic outer knob had sheered off -- so I attached a Jubilee Clip to the bolt head to enable me to turn it without needing pliers.

I hate bodging things, and I'll replace it correctly ASAP, but this enabled me to get out and sail and that was important for chilling out time (for both me and Claire for different reasons).

This was Elliott's first time sailing… sometimes smiles and sometimes intense concentration!

I was actually most worried about… him getting sunburnt! The Cyprus sun is intense and people who are unused to it can burn easily. When sailing I even use high protection factor sunscreen.

My intent…

Trying out the main

We went out for a brief sail today. Last sail for the next month. Helen wanted another sail and I wanted to check the mainsail.

Mainsail was great except that I had the topping lift and the halyard the wrong way round so it wouldn't go to the very top of the mast. But she sailed well balanced. I do like Crusader Sails!

Outboard and first sail…

Today was first trial sail in Liza. I had problems with the outboard motor. It is a Selva 6HP, supposedly fairly new, but a 2 stroke not 4 stroke. So not sure how fairly new is fairly new!

Anyhow it tended to stall whenever I put it into reverse and was difficult to start. So I took it to the local Suzuki dealership and they gave it a complete overhaul. It came back starting perfectly and going into gear easily.

But Saturday was a day of sea fog. So we started later. The outboard started fine and we motored out of the marina without a problem, though it did sound a bit rougher and not quite so smooth as when I tested it.

Sailing Liza was great with the new sails from Crusader Sails I thought I'd test the genoa alone to start with. How would she perform in light airs? She sailed amazingly well. Pointed well and could tack easily with just the genoa. My experience with Crusaders Sails is that their genoas are really nice sails!

I had a friend and her daughter with me. The daughter …

New main sail

I ordered a new main sail and new genoa from Crusader Sails in the UK. They are great people to deal with and can ship anywhere in the world.

So today's task was to replace the main sail.
Being as Liza is relatively light I wasn't sure if it would remain stable with me in a bosuns chair to add two blocks for the stack pack.

Hence, the daughter of a friend of ours, half my weight volunteered. You can see from her expressions that it didn't take much arm twisting to get her to do it!

In reality we found although Liza moves when you move around on her, being light, the centre of gravity is still such that an adult can easily go up the mast in a bosun's chair without any problems.

What we also learnt… the leg straps on the Kaya Safety bosuns chair hold you firmly but can dig in a little if you have short shorts. Also learnt that forgetting to pick up a Kaya work positioning lanyard was a mistake. We ended up tieing a rope as a work positioning lanyard, but in the past when…

Some thoughts…

I saw this on Boaters Resources which is pretty close to what I am thinking of doing inside Liza: Wood paneling and a couple of trays. I'm not sure what I will do for the roof though. I suspect that all wood inside may make her feel a little heavy (aesthetically not physically).

And this trailer… ( With something like that I would not need lift out crane each year.